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The WISE exam 

The WISE exam is a national standardized exam that satisfies the Virginia HS graduation “certification” requirement. This exam is part of FINA150 and required by your high school.  If a student chooses not to take the WISE exam or does not pass the WISE exam, they should contact their HS counselor for other “certification” options. A score of 65% or better is considered passing for the WISE exam.  It is possible to pass the course and fail the WISE exam or FAIL the course and pass the WISE exam.

The WISE exam covers only on Personal Finance topics and are basic in nature. I don’t have specific knowledge of the questions on WISE exam, but if you learned the material covered in the course, you are likely to perform well on WISE exam. If there was a particular area that you struggled, go back, and review that material.

The WISE exam must be taken as a cohort and will be given only once at the end of the semester. Your professor will provide you a date. The WISE exam will be given using ZOOM (not Honorlock).

Instructions for taking the WISE exam via ZOOM.  Students must

  1. Be seated at a table or desk directly facing their webcam.
  2. Be in a well-lighted environment so their face can be clearly viewed by instructor in ZOOM.
  3. Keep webcam on during entire exam or may not receive credit for the exam.
  4. May not leave their exam once started.  Please use restroom, get water, scratch paper prior the exams start time.
  5. ​May not use headphones, ear pods, etc.
  6. Only scratch paper is allowed on WISE exam.  No calculators.

The WISE exam is ​45 minutes in length and has 50 questions. The question are not complex mathematical questions as no calculator is allowed.  The topics are more general in nature and is looking to gauge an overall concept of the material.  The four areas of the WISE exam are

  • ​​Money / Money Management / Personal Financial Planning
  • Banking
  • Credit
  • Insurance & Investing​

Below are the general instructions for all WISE exams.  You will receive and email the day of your scheduled WISE exam at least 1 hour prior to exam time with session ID as well as link to join ZOOM session.

  1. Click on the link you received to launch ZOOM meeting (​Anyone not logged into Zoom will not be granted access to the WISE exam.)
  2. Go to
  3. Enter session number (xxxxx-xx) (include hyphen)
  4. ​​Students will choose “New Student”and “Personal Finance” and enter login information (Name, birthday, grade, class, etc).
  5. Once this information is entered, you will get a message “Waiting for proctor approval“. Please be patient as everyone will be granted approval to start at 9AM.
  6. Once you have completed the exam, you are free to leave.
  7. Grades will be posted in CANVAS within 48 hours of testing time. Remember a passing score for the WISE exam is 65%
  8. If students do not achieve a 65% on their first attempt, a second attempt is available approximately 1 week after original exam date.


Remember, the WISE exam does count toward your grade in this course as well as satisfies a high school graduation requirement.