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Additional Resources for PF Module 1: Financial Planning module. 

Saving for the Unexpected

Let’s face it: we know we need to prepare for the occasional unpleasant surprise. But what’s an easy (and easily implemented) strategy to start saving? In this webinar, we’ll help you jumpstart your savings and make your emergency fund a reality.

Meet Pierre: First Time Saver

Meet Pierre. He’s a self-proclaimed renaissance artist with a knack for using less… to do more. Well, except when it comes to spending money. Take a stroll along his financial story as he learns to save for the first time.

SMART Money Goals

Saving money is important. But it’s not enough to just save—you want to save for the goals that fit your values. In “SMART Money Goals,” we’ll help you find the right goals to match what you believe in and show you how to make a plan to meet those goals.

Additional Resources for PF Module 2: The Impact of Taxes on Income/Tax Planning module. (material will be on graded assignments)

Careers & Taxes

SmartStart Lesson 3: Careers & Taxes | Virginia Credit Union

How do you file your taxes?

Tax Refund Fraud

Additional Resources for PF Module 4: Financial Institutions and Cash Management. (material will be on graded assignments):


Additional Resources for Module 6: Consumer Loans. (material will be on graded assignments)

3 Things to Expect When Getting a Loan

Strategies for Eliminating Debt

Additional resources for Module 7: Understanding Credit (material will be on graded assignments)

Webinar: How to Read Your Credit Report | Virginia Credit Union


3 steps to rebuild your credit

Meet Winston: Credit Score

Meet Winston. He’s a sensitive guy who feels he’s figured out the world of dating women until he needs to check off his most important date requirement….a good credit score. Watch his financial story unfold as he learns the details of achieving good credit.

Your Credit Score Explained

A great credit score makes your life easier in so many ways. In this short video, you’ll see how to build, maintain, and manage the kind of credit score you want.

Which accounts help you save? Which accounts can make you even more money?

 Credit Cards: Additional Facts & Information

Webinar: Avoiding Identity Theft

Everything’s online these days. And while that gives you more opportunities to do all the things you want, it also leaves more opportunities for others to get your valuable information. We’ll show you how to protect yourself from identity theft and let you know what recourse you have if the worst happens.


Additional Resources for Module 8: Buying Homes & Automobiles (material will be on graded assignments)

What to Know When Buying a Home

Get all the important information about how to buy a house. We’ll show you how to plan out your process, what to keep in mind, what to ask questions about, and how to finance your new house. Whether you’re thinking about a starter home, upsizing, downsizing, or just looking for a change of scenery, this is the webinar for you!