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Summer option

Economics and Personal Finance (dual enrollment)
Summer 2020 – Finance 150

  • FINA150 – Economics and Personal Finance dual enrollment course satisfies 3 HS graduation prerequisites; SOL 6120 – HS EPF, certification and online requirements.
  • This hybrid option is totally online with the the only specific date/time requirement is that the final exam must taken on July 11th from 9-11AM. 
  • Students will earn 3 hours of college credit which should transfer to any college/university. 
  • Tuition: $415
  • Tuition is due upon receipt of tuition invoice. Instructions on making payments can be found HERE.  Remember that students transcripts/grades will not be made available until payment is received.
  • Registration is closed. 
  • Course dates: June 15th – July 11th 
  • Withdrawal/Drop dates: June 17th by 5PM for full refund.  July 3rd for “W” in course. 
  • Require materials: textbook – “Personal Finance: Turning Money into Wealth” 7th edition by Arthur Keown,(5th or 6th editions are acceptable),  calculator – Texas Instrument BAII Plus is recommended and used in online lectures.  Other financial calculators may be used but the student’s responsibility to learn, (NO cell phone apps allowed), computer and internet requirements – Students must have a computer with audio/video capability. HonorLock proctoring software is used to monitor graded assignments and require a a webcam and audio.  These are all the responsibility of the student.
  • Parent/guardian agreement – All parents/guardians must sign an agreement stating that they realize this is a university class and students are expected to perform at a university level and exhibit adult behavior as well as guaranteeing payment for the course.
  • Students enrolled in the course will be considered Longwood students and will receive college credit. All policies and procedures of Longwood University will apply to students. The student (not parents/guardians) must use only their Longwood email account when communicating with their professor(s).

Summer Class Overview