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Parent information

Parent/guardian expectations and information

All parents/guardians must acknowledge that this is a college course and students are expected to perform at a university level and exhibit adult behavior.  Students, not parents, are expected to communicate with faculty after the registration process is complete.  Parents also acknowledge that they are responsible for course tuition. Please review the drop/withdrawal dates.

Parents should be aware and acknowledge that this is a college course and anyone enrolled in the course will be treated as any other college student regardless of the student’s age.  This course is taught and covers the identical material of the class taught to traditional Longwood students.  If you feel that your student is not at a maturity level to take a college course or requiring that they be responsibility for all faculty interactions, this may not be the right course or right time for your student to take the course.

Student must be disciplined and have ability to follow written instructions.

Parent should acknowledge that this is an online course and as such, a significant amount of effort is require by the student.  In fact, many believe that an online class may prove for a workload even more demanding than a face-to-face class in that the student must be a self-directed learner, motivated, disciplined and must stay on top of their workload. It has been shown that the most successful online students tend to share the following characteristics:
• Self-motivation/self-starter
• Good organization and time-management skills
• Familiar with computers and the Internet
• Resourceful and actively seek answers and solutions to questions and problems

Students may work ahead on assignments (with minor exceptions) but must complete all assignments by posted deadlines what are posted on the syllabus and can be found at There are no makeups, retakes, extensions or extra credit. Any missed assignments result in a zero. For students working ahead, students will not be able to see graded assignment answers until after the deadline.  This is to ensure that assignments will not be shared with others in the class.

Immunization forms – students enrolled in this course are not required to complete immunization forms.  If you receive an email making such a request, kindly disregard.

Student email – students will only receive emails at their Longwood email which they are expected to check daily.

I have not received my Longwood login information – If you recently registered, it will take 7-10 for the registration process to complete, otherwise, please check your spam folder as this information was sent to the email used when registering for the course.  If you cannot locate the email, please contact the help desk at 434-395-4357 (M-F, 8-5, CLOSED ON WEEKENDS).

  • If the course start date is less than 1 week away, please contact us at for course information.

Course tuition –  Instructions for tuition payment was (or will be) sent to your Longwood email or

Payment is due upon receipt of tuition invoice which will be sent to your Longwood email.  Instructions on making payments can be found HERE  or link below.  If you continue to have problems, please call 434-395-2067 (Student accounts) or email at

Students’ transcripts/grades will not be made available until payment is received.

What are the requirements for the course?

  • A computer with video/audio capability. If this is an issue, you should drop the course by contacting the registrar’s office at
  • “Personal Finance: Turning Money into Wealth” 7th edition by Keown, Prentice Hall. E-book and previous editions are acceptable (5th or 6th edition), however student bears responsibility for any differences.
  • Financial calculator, Texas Instrument, BAII PLUS. Students may use another calculator with financial functions (NO PHONE APP) however it is their responsibility to learn how to operate.

May I use notes or textbook on exams or other graded assignments? – Students may NOT use notes, textbook or anything other than scratch paper and a financial calculator when taking any graded assignment.  Students MAY NOT communicate or collude with others while taking any graded assignments.