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FINA150 – Economics and Personal Finance
(dual enrollment)

FINA150 – Economics and Personal Finance 

  • Course requirements;
    • Students must have a computer with both audio and video capability.
    • Students in grades 10 or less must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.  This requirement does not apply to 11/12th graders.
    • Students are responsible for Textbook (“Personal Finance: Turning Money into Wealth” 7th edition, Arthur Keown, 6th edition or eBook is acceptable)
    • Students are responsible for Financial calculator (Texas Instrument BAII Plus recommended (Any calculator with financial functions is acceptable, however NO cell phone apps allowed
  • Tuition: $415 
    • Due upon receipt of invoice. Instructions can be found HERE.  Students transcripts will not be made available until payment is received.
  • Parent/guardian agreement – All parents/guardians must acknowledge that this is a university class and students are expected to perform at a university level and exhibit adult behavior as well as guaranteeing payment for the course.
  • Students enrolled in the course will be considered Longwood students and will receive college credit. All policies and procedures of Longwood University will apply to students. The student (not parents/guardians) must use only their Longwood email account when communicating wit their professor(s).
  • Other frequently asked questions

NOTE: There are 3 steps required to complete the registration process.  Partial registrations will NOT  be processed. 

Step 1. Create profile with name and email
Step 2. Create a password (you will receive an email at email address used above)
Step 3. Complete application

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